Meats and Seafood

  1. 1690 Farm
    8111 Bourne Road, Owings, MD 20736
    Phone: 443-624-3365    Email 1690 Farm

    1690 Farm sells beef, chicken, pork, lamb and eggs.

  2. Barking Pig Farms
    1315 Adelina Road, Prince Frederick, MD 20678
    Phone: 410-535-1786

    Barking Pig Farms Website

  3. Battle Creek Beef LogoBattle Creek Beef
    4885 Adelina Road, Prince Frederick, MD 20678
    Phone: 410-610-0394    Email Battle Creek Beef

    Taney Place Farm, home of Battle Creek Beef, has been in operation since the early 1800s. The Wells’ family produces corn, wheat, soybeans, hay and straw as well as Angus beef. They offer all "natural", choice Angus beef, pork and eggs. The beef and pork are USDA processed, frozen and vacuum sealed. Available for purchase year round at the farm store, Chesapeake's Bounty, "The Farm Stand" at Spider Hall Farm, as well as various farmers markets.

    Battle Creek Beef Website

  4. Horsmon FarmHorsmon Farm
    JR & Cathy Cosgrove
    1865 Horsmon Farm Lane, St. Leonard, MD 20685
    Phone: 443-532-5761    Email Horsmon Farm

    Growing quality produce for delivery in Calvert County or farm pick up. Order in advance or make appointment to stop by and pick up meats and produce all in one stop.

    Horsmon Farm Website

  5. Milling Ritter Meat
    James Ritter
    9720 H.G. Trueman Road, Lusby, MD 20657
    Phone: 301-481-1162    Email Milling Ritter Meat

    Milling Ritter Meat offers 100% grass-fed beef and free range eggs. Pasture-raised, no hormones or antibiotics and GMO and gluten-free.

    Milling Ritter Meat Website

  6. Monnett Farms
    Benson and Jamie Tiralla
    4825 Dennis Monnett Road, Prince Frederick MD 20678
    Phone: 410-535-4537    Email Monnett Farms

    Family owned and operated, Monnett Farms specializes in custom grass-fed meats raised under humane, natural and environmentally sustainable conditions. Beef (frozen, live-Angus), goat (frozen, live-Kiko, Spanish). Meat is aged according to type. We transport to slaughter and delivery. Also offering honeybees and free-range chickens and turkeys. Farm visits by appointment only.

    Monnett Farms Website

  7. Patuxent Harvest
    Mike Derfler
    1910 Chimney Lane, St. Leonard, MD 20685
    Phone: 443-684-4634    Email Patuxent Harvest

    We offer organic pasture raised turkeys, pigs and chickens. All livestock is fed local non-GMO whole crushed grain. Seasonal eggs and hard cider is available.

    Patuxent Harvest Website

  8. Patuxent River Seafood
    Simon and Rachel Dean
    Solomons, MD 20688
    Phone: 301-672-3509    Email Patuxent River Seafood

    Rockfish, hard shell and soft shell crabs and wild caught oysters available October-March.

    Patuxent River Seafood Website

  9. Patuxent Seafood Company, LLC
    Andrew and Jill Buck
    4149 School Road, Broomes Island, MD 20615
    Phone: 410-610-5395    Email Patuxent Seafood Company, LLC

    Open daily. We are a family-owned business that specializes in Oyster Aquaculture but also sell an array of other seafood throughout the year. We offer farm-raised oysters (year-round), wild oysters (October through April), hard crabs (seasonal only), and soft crabs (sold cleaned and frozen, year-round). All of our seafood is harvested out of the Patuxent River and Chesapeake Bay. Retail, wholesale, and private sales to the public. Please visit our website for further information about our company.

    Patuxent Seafood Company, LLC Website

  10. Prosperity Acres
    Mary T. Bowen
    5811 Sunderland Court, Sunderland, MD 20689
    Phone: 443-964-4972    Email Prosperity Acres

    Licensed on-farm sales of natural beef and goat meat. We sell live, whole/half/quarter cut-up and custom cuts. We raise Hereford/Angus cattle and Boer/Kiko goats. We sell retail and wholesale by appointment only. Our beef is dry-aged for 3 weeks, USDA slaughtered and vacuum packaged. We can arrange for delivery and pick-up from the butcher. If you order a half or whole animal you get to choose the cuts. We do not use antibiotics, hormones or steroids. See our Web site for all locations where you can purchase our meat. Our goats are for hire to eat unwanted vegetation as seen in the Washington Post and the Calvert Recorder.

    Prosperity Acres Website

  11. Sassafras Farm
    4991 Huntingtown Road, Huntingtown, MD 20636
    Phone: 443-532-0072    Email Sassafras Farm

    Offering locally grown, naturally raised Angus beef. All Sassafras Farm meats are raised hormone and antibiotic free.

    Sassafras Farm Website

  12. Spider Hall FarmySpider Hall Farm
    Catherine Hamilton
    3915 Hallowing Point Road, Prince Frederick, MD 20678
    Phone: 410-610-0094  Email Spider Hall Farm

    Spider Hall Farm is a 362-acre, family-owned, working farm. You can visit our market, the Farm Stand, to find seasonal produce, local meats and even ice cream! During the fall, bring the family and get lost in our corn maze, take a hay ride or pick a pumpkin! 

  13. VanAlstine Seafood
    John VanAlstine
    135 Jewell Road, Dunkirk, MD 20754
    Phone: 443-223-3433

    Family-owned and operated selling a product caught fresh daily from the Chesapeake Bay waters. Finfish (catfish, white perch and yellow perch), oysters (wild harvest, farm aquaculture in shell and shucked), hard crabs (live and meat) and soft crabs (fresh).

  14. Wilson Dowell Farms
    Jason Leavitt
    2905 Chaneyville Road, Owings MD 20736
    Phone: 703-899-6380    Email Wilson Dowell Farms

    Home to the Dowell-Leavitt family for more than four generations, Wilson Dowell Farms produces grass fed beef, pasture raised pork and grass fed goat. Visit Wilson Dowell Farms website for more information. 

    Wilson Dowell Farms Website

  15. Windy Willow FarmWindy Willow Farm
    Debbie and Dale Jones
    421 Clyde Jones Road, Sunderland, MD 20689
    Phone: 301-928-6781    Email Windy Willow Farm

    Windy Willow Farm offers beef (Angus/Limousin-cross) and lamb (Katahin-cross), USDA slaughtered and processed, vacuum packed and wrapped frozen cuts. Delivery available. Naturally raised, sustainable. Our animals are pasture raised and finished; our animals only receive a very limited amount of feed. We take the animals directly from the pasture to the butcher with no additional fattening. Grass-fed, grass finished (beef), grain/corn-fed (lamb), antibiotics only used when medically necessary, pasture raised, no growth implants or hormones. We also sell firewood.

    Windy Willow Farm Website

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