Electric Vehicle Recharge Station Locator

Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO) offers Electric Vehicle (EV) Recharge stations throughout Calvert County. The installations include level two chargers, which can charge most electric vehicles in a few hours. 

How does the public access a SMECO EV Recharge station?

To use a SMECO EV Recharge station, an EV driver must download the Greenlots mobile app and set up an account to pay with a credit card. The app will let you know when your vehicle is finished charging.

Will the electric vehicle driver be charged to use the SMECO EV Recharge stations?

Yes. The cost for level two chargers is 18 cents per kWh. Calvert County currently only offers level two chargers. 

Current Calvert County locations are:


Southern Community Center
20 Appeal Lane
One unit, two Level 2 plugs


Fairview Library
8120 Southern Maryland Blvd.
One unit, two Level 2 plugs

Prince Frederick

Calvert County Courthouse Annex
176 Main St.
One unit, two Level 2 plugs


Calvert Marine Museum
14200 Solomons Island Road S.
One unit, two Level 2 plugs