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Posted on: December 11, 2019

Women In Agriculture Wednesday Webinars


1/8/2020: Intro to Organic Production and Certification

Organic produce has become very popular in the last 10 years. This webinar will introduce you to organic production methods, pricing and marketing organic products, and the organic certification process.

1/22/2020: Matching Forage Quality with Small Ruminant Nutrition

Matching forage growth and quality to different classes of animals and reproductive cycles can be tricky. Learn how to manage your herd and pastures so you can get the most out of them.

2/26/2020: Drones as a Scouting Tool

While drones are often promoted as tools to manage nutrients or spray for pests, their most immediate use is for scouting crops. The biggest hurdle for most farmers may be which drone to purchase and how to fly. Attend this webinar to learn about drone and camera types, the ease of operation, and when to fly row crops. After this presentation you will be able to make an informed decision on whether drones fit your operation, and the most affordable option to buy.

 3/11/2020: Growing Healthy Soil

This webinar will introduce the physical, chemical, and biological properties of soil, and how they interact and affect soil quality and health. 

3/25/2020: Smart Phone Movies

Aren’t smart phones amazing! The images and footage from your smart phone are very high quality. But there are a few shortfalls with producing professional quality projects, namely sound. We’ll  review tools and techniques to produce high quality videos from your smart phone.

4/8/2020: Estate planning/ business

4/22/2020: Health Care in Your Senior Years

Thinking about your health care plans after retirement or worried about how health care costs play into your retirement.  Join us to discuss Medicare and other insurance options when you turn 65.  Additional information will be shared about estimating health care costs and long term care.

5/13/2020: Got Milk? Are Dairy Goats a Good Fit For Your Farm?

Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of adding dairy breeds to existing goat herds as well as the basics of choosing the right breed and how to milk.

5/27/2020: Are Your Products Retail Ready? Looks Count!

We buy things with our eyes.  How you product is presented can make a powerful statement as to its quality, value, and sales potential.  Learn about packing, labeling, retail point of sale material, how to write a sales magnet to promote your product and more.  Remember that consumers scan shelves and your product may only have about three seconds to catch the buyer's attention.

6/10/2020: Invasive Insects: Impacts in Agriculture

Insects can cause serious damage by feeding on crops, and insect species that have been introduced from other countries can often cause the most serious economic damage. This webinar will cover some of the basic biology and ecology of invasive species and explain why they are able to outbreak so severely in new areas. We will also discuss different ways of responding to introductions of new pest species using examples from past introductions as case examples of management methods developed to cope with new pests.

6/24/2020: Water Testing Basics and Understanding Water Test Results

Water tests can help homeowners and farmers better understand how safe their water sources are for different uses. Tune into this webinar to learn how water samples are collected, tested, and how to interpret water test results.

7/8/2020: Designing a Successful Pasture and Grazing System

A well-managed pasture is one of the most cost-effective and high value feeds that can be produced.  Not sure where to begin?  This webinar will provide an overview of different grazing systems and will discuss essential considerations like layout, fencing, shelter, water, and stocking rates to help you be successful when setting up a pasture system.

7/22/2020: Beef Basics: Things to Consider Before Starting your Small Herd

This webinar will address key areas that need to be considered before starting a small beef herd.  Emphasis for this talk will be on defining of end-product goals and using those goals to drive animal management decisions.  This talk will also discuss some of the challenges and opportunities associated with raising a small herd of beef cattle in the Mid-Atlantic region.  

8/12/2020: Marketing Campaigns- Start Small to Grow Tall

How much should you budget for marketing your product or service in your annual planning? Hurried and worried that you don't have time for all that posting, writing, emailing, and going to markets? Prioritize you marketing efforts to be most efficient and effective for where you are in your business's development. You don't have to do every marketing strategy all the time or even some of the time if it's just not something you can get done well. Let's consider the marketing activities that will result in re-occuring sales and those you can master well.

8/26/2020: Emotional Well-Being:  Warning Signs and Resources

Farmers experience a wide range of emotional stress that can affect both the individual and their family.  This session will share warning signs and resources available to deal with emotional stress.  Some topics covered include financial stress, substance abuse, depression, and suicide.  

9/9/2020: Thoughts on Animal Welfare

Animal welfare is in the eye of the beholder. In other words, different stakeholders have different perspectives and definitions of animal welfare. In the United States, the consumer is the primary stakeholder driving the dynamics of change in how livestock and poultry are raised. This webinar will cover three topic areas around farm animal welfare. First, we will revisit the influential factors involved in the transformation of animal agriculture and animal welfare assurance. Next, we will cover the fundamentals of animal welfare science and the role of animal welfare science in animal welfare assessments and audits. We will finish up the webinar with a discussion on current regional, national, and international animal welfare assurance programs currently and how they may change in the future.

9/23/2020: Agricultural Labor Mistakes to Avoid

Agricultural employers face a variety of unique legal challenges.  Although there are some exemptions for agricultural workers in federal and state labor laws, incorrectly applying those exemptions is, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, a common mistake made by agricultural employers.  This webinar will outline the basics of agricultural labor laws and give employers tips to avoid common pitfalls.  

10/14/2020: Caring for your septic system and water wells

This webinar will cover the basics of drinking water wells and septic systems. Topics include: a) the important value of your septic system and water well provides you and your home in supplying safe drinking water and sustainable waste treatment; types of systems; and recommended maintenance tips to keep them operating effectively and safely. 

10/28/2020: How to Build a Professional and Personal Landlord-Tenant Relationship

Landlords and tenants both benefit from having a great landlord-tenant relationship and it all begins with communication. 

Learn the many means of communication, resources for contracts, budgets, grain marketing and much more.

11/11/2020: 8 Lifestyle Tips for a Healthy Brain

Brain health is the ability to remember, learn, concentrate and have a clear, active mind. This presentation provides lifestyle steps to help keep your brain 'young' and maintain good brain function. 

12/9/2020: Family Communications in Farm Succession Planning

This webinar will focus on the importance of good communications and strategies for success when discussing topics with family related to farm succession and estate planning.

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