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Calvert County Ethics Commission - Concern/Inquiry Form

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  4. I hereby certify under penalty of false statement that the foregoing statement describing a possible violation of the designated Code of Ethics is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge and belief.*
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    Article II § 41.12.A. Any person may file a written, signed complaint with the Commission alleging a violation of any of the provisions of this chapter. The complaint shall set forth sufficient facts to support the alleged violation. H.2. Until a violation is determined, the Commission and its staff may not disclose to the public any information about the complaint and any proceedings involving it, including the identities of the complainant and the respondent.

    Article IV. Protection from harassment and retaliation §41-18 through §41-20.

    If you selected to remain anonymous above, your information will be kept private, but may be used by staff in case follow up is required.
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    Please contact the Calvert County Ethics Commission at (for quick response) or call 410-414-8079 (voicemail).
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