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Application for Election Judge Appointment

  1. The Election Judges who operate the polling place are an integral part of the electoral process because they are responsible for administering the actual voting procedures in each precinct. Without them, it would be impossible to conduct an election, as they are the primary contact the general public has with the Election Office during voting hours. While no experience is required, knowledge of computers is preferred.


    • Be a registered voter in Maryland.*
    • Able to read, write, and clearly speak the English language.
    • Possess basic math skills.
    • Be comfortable operating computer technology.
    • Physically and mentally capable of working a 15-16 hour day.
    • Able to sit and/or stand for extended periods.
    • Able to lift at least 10-15 lbs.
    • Attend mandatory training class and pass an assessment test.
    • Willing to work outside your home precinct.

    *High School students make excellent Election Judges! Maryland Law permits 16-year-olds to serve as Election Judges. They must demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the election board, that they meet all other qualifications for serving as an election judge.


    • Ensure that qualified voters are able to cast their vote privately in a trouble-free environment.
    • Report promptly for duty and remain in the polling place to complete all tasks after the polls close.
    • Maintain a positive attitude, working together as a TEAM.
    • Be courteous and patient with voters and fellow judges
    • Present a neat appearance.
    • Possess good judgement.
    • Follow procedures exactly.

    IMPORTANT: An Election Judge may not hold, or be a candidate for, any public or political office. An Election Judge shall not engage in party/political activity while on duty.


    Judges will earn a minimum of $250 for each early voting day and/or each election day, plus $50 for the mandatory training course. Judges shall recieve their payment by mail approximately 6-8 weeks following each Election. Compensation for training will not be paid if the judge does not serve on Election Day.

    Complete the below application and upon a vacancy in your area, you will be contact by our office.

  2. Are you a high school student? must be at least 16 years old.
  3. Computer experience.*
  4. Check your preferred dates for 2024 Primary Election.
  5. Check your preferred dates for 2024 General Election.
  6. If not selected at this time, are you available to fill in as a last-minute substitute?*
  7. Are you able to work at least a 15 hour day? You may have to sit or stand for extended hours.*
  8. Are you able to lift items weighing a minimum of 10 pounds?*
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